Infrared Heat Sauna Therapy
Infrared Heat Sauna Therapy

Welcome to Scott and Zoe's Fitness & Therapy Center

We are a family owned and operated business focused on restoring health in the people we serve. We offer a wide variety of integrated therapeutic services including many forms of massage and spa treatments, acupuncture, personal training, nutritional counseling, fitness classes, and educational seminars.


We offer over 20 years of experience in massage therapy working with Doctor's for surgical prevention, post-surgical recovery, and chronic pain rehabilitation.  Between us we have certifications in over 20 types of massage and many types of manual therapy. We also have more than 20 years experience building exercise routines and nutritional plans for those with limitations that prevent them from going to a gym or attending group fitness classes. This experience allows us to formulate a therapy plan that incorporates massage, fitness, and nutrition specifically for each individual based upon their needs and goals.


Whatever your desire: pain relief or relaxation, personal exercise training or just nutritional advice...Scott & Zoe are right for you. We know every body is different and has unique needs. That's why we do not put time limits on your therapy sessions!

Scott Schriver (Lic. # MA25421)


Scott is a certified personal trainer, a certified sports nutritionist, and a licensed massage therapist. He specializes in integrating therapeutic bodywork, nutrition, and exercises to treat chronic painful conditions and improve health. 


Scott has been offering his special services as a personal trainer since 1995, and is certified both as a Functional Trainer and as a Rehabilitation Specialist. Personalized exercise routines can be created for every healthy goal and Scott can design your program, teach you how to exercise correctly and safely, and match your exercise program with your dietary needs. Nutrition is always a key factor in health and Scott can create diet plans and exercise routines, even if you have medical conditions requiring special diets. As a massage therapist Scott is certified in many forms of massage, including:


Neuromuscular Therapy

Structural Integration

Trigger Point Therapy


Sports Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Myofascial Release



Thai Massage



Scott also practices, and is certified in many other forms of therapy including:



Herbal medicine

Foam Rolling

Gait Analysis


Biofeedback / meditation techniques

PNF Stretching

Active Isolated Stretching


If you are in pain, exhausted, or out of shape then you need to call Scott.


Scott and Zoe also offer professional services to new and existing spas around the country. In addition to the one on one work with his clients Scott also teaches seminars and provides services as a consultant. Seminars in nutrition, advanced massage techniques, spa services, massage modalities, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, anatomy and physiology, and spa business aspects are among those available.  Educational courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  Scott has taught as faculty in four schools for both massage therapy and skin care and has been teaching seminars since 1997.   Scott has even written a book to accompany his seminar series on aromatherapy.  The book is called Aromatherapy Essentials and is available for purchase on this website or through many online retailers.


Scott has worked with hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, and many spas both in management and as a therapist and now offers his experience in both the medical field and the spa market to assist people just like you reach their health goals every day.

Zoe Schriver (Lic. # MA31664)


Zoe has been administering massage throughout Tampa Bay since 1999. Her focus is on creating a pampering experience to relieve tension and stress and improving flexibility. Zoe is certified in and has advanced training for pregnancy massage through every trimester and post-partum. If you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or just had a baby then your body can benefit from Zoe’s touch to relieve the tension and discomfort caused by those changes.


Zoe has worked in many Hotel spas like the Ritz Carlton, the Hilton, and at The Don CeSar’s Spa Oceana. Zoe also has worked with a division of Tampa Bay Women’s Care to provide pregnancy massages in conjunction with a doctor’s care.


Zoe brings those years of experience to your body and offers many spa services such as body scrubs, herbal detoxifying wraps, and hot stone therapy. If you are looking for a world-class spa style massage in our office or even in your own home then Zoe is the therapist for you.


Zoe is certified in several forms of massage, including:


Spa Reflexology

Myofascial Release

Hot Stone Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Thai Massage

Warm Bamboo Technique


If you are in need of an experienced therapist with a caring touch then try one of Zoe’s amazing services today.

Jenny Sprung (Lic. # MA43717)


Jenny specializes in a unique form of bodywork. It is a culmination of mutual learning, intuitive work, study and practice. She works with both structure and energy in high regard. She observes clients as they enter the room. She measures them, noting anatomical, structural distortions that create imbalance, pain and discomfort. She reduces or eliminate subtle proprioceptive mechanisms and fixations thus reducing imbalances, distortions, pain and discomfort. Trigger points are held and given space for energy to build and rearrange. Fascia is softened so alignment occurs naturally. A deep balance is achieved. Pain is relieved. Structure is aligned. Posture and Gait synchronized. Each treatment is tailored to the individual. This is her principle and practice. Below is training, qualifications and credentials.



Licensed Neurosomatic Therapist

Integrative Neurosomatic Therapist

Posture and Gait Analysis

Certified Zero Balancer

TMJ Dysfunction

Cranium, Sphenoid

Atlas Axis Cervical Spine

Visceral Manipulation

Pelvic Floor

Myofascial Release

Lymph Drainage

Trigger Point Release

Former ACSM Personal Trainer

Former Group Fitness Instructor and Instructor Trainer

Wellness Practitioner

Integration of Structure and Energy

Listening and Observing

Areas of Specialization

Neurosomatic Massage Therapy


Zero Balancing

Lymph Drainage

Myofascial Release


Structural Therapy

Wellness & Nutrition

Cold Therapy   




















Learn more about Jenny's services!

Lisa O'Connor (Lic. # MA18024)


Innately compassionate, Lisa has always been drawn to health and well-being. In 1994 she graduated from the massage program at The Humanities School of Allied Health in Pinellas Park, Florida.

Over the past two decades, Lisa has been trained in many body work modalities. She uses a fusion of these therapies to deliver a customized massage as unique as each individual client

Lisa is especially passionate about Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. During a Ashiatsu (ashi=foot atsu=pressure) session, Lisa uses her body weight and gravity to apply gliding pressure with her feet. She is able to deliver sustained, deep compression providing fast acting and long lasting results. Deeper than traditional deep tissue, but feels like a Swedish massage, Ashiatsu delivers the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet.

Lisa is also a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a certified health coach.

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